Update: 2/27/17

Michael Schnuerle @LouDataOfficer - Open Data Workshop

LouTrail, won the “Home is Where the Hack is” catergory! I was happy to be a part of the team, going forward I wish the team the best in deploying finally version; I probably wont be on team with future deployments, but its not necessarily something you need or have to do. It was a great event. I will do it again.


derbyhacks.io was a success, I enjoyed it tremedously. If you ever have a chance to experience such an atmosphere you should give it a try. I actually slept at the event, they had a quiet place to put your sleeping bag and had extra bean bags you could lay on.I stayed from friday to sunday - end of event. Food from derbyhacks sponsors was awesome. very organized event and just fun. Mayor came by and I actually got to speak to him, shook his hand while one of our other team mate explained the LouTrail project we were doing.

I will be attending Dery Hack Live.


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