Hack-A-Thon Louisville, KY.

December 2, 2016

Group Lounge at the River Park Apartments Saturday December 3, 2016 is the WorldWide event and here in Louisville, Ky we are participating. Its going to be a great weekend for Hack-A-Thon. I will be updated this post with experiences and perspectives of my day, pictures too.

December 3rd, 2016 - Game ON! We had a Code In The Dark Code Challenge which was the highlight of my day. We had 30 minutes to code a website with CSS and HTML with no preview of code. I realized, how much I relied on my text editor and I wasnt alone in the aniexty of not able to preview your code before you submitted the final results. I was so looking forward to particpating in this contest. When the 30 minutes was up and we all submitted our code; The results were displayed on the screen. When my code came up, all that was there was a white screen. My response.

A lot of great events today, we had great food provide by POE Company thru out the day. Special Thanks to Valentin Staller, Lindsey and Sumerlynn for hosting our Hack-A-Thon event for #CodeLouisville. Beautiful scenery at the River Park Apartments, great Gigabyte speed thru AT&T.