Software Guild Contact for Tuition Sponsorship in Progress

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I am looking to earn the remaining $2,000 of the Software Guild tution in the form of sponsorship and internship web development work. I hope to build confidence, earn money and contribute to my own education. Build relations with the buisness technlogy community.

I am creating a profile to build static websites and or applications; I can set up your domain with AWS Domain Service and AWS s3 storage and have your local work sync to production. I can set up your static site with smooth deployment from your BitBucket Repositories.
Also, I can link a simple blog which I am doing here with Jeckyll and Github Pages.

I believe the internship | sponsorship pathway into the Software Guild will build a strong foundation of credibility needed for a new software developer. It does require good communication skills and working with others. It would truly feel like belonging to a guild.

Im currently communicationg with Software Guild to set up smooth transition to have a contact person that could invoice the sponsors in reference to my account to pay for my tution. I will update as I move forward.

Stay Tuned! Best Errin E Johnson