Simple Blog

November 8, 2016

After days of trying to set up a simple static blog and to host it online I finally found the perfect fit for me. First a special thank you to Barry Clark.

I have watch videos in regards to Jekyllrb and GitHub pages, only to find out there is more dependencies then I thought possible for a simple blog site. Sometimes I don’t want to learn a lot of different ways to do a very simple task as posting a post on a blog site. I wasn’t a fan of Word Press and just wanted to build from my local computer and push to GitHub; add my git URL to my main portfolio site. I didn’t want any serve side languages and complex configurations. Less is best, especially in programming.

In my perspective Barry had gone thru similar journey and created a simple static repository that anyone can fork and customize and make your own.

In continuing in building my portfolio, I would like to continue with the foundation of keeping code simple and yet powerful.

Jekyll Octocat