Software Prework Complete

January 9, 2017

update: 2-24-2017

Software Guild, no longer on my list of places to attend. Going in a differenct direction for now.

I finished the Software Guild pre-work which consisted of basic HTML, CSS and Javascript. I did well! Apparently, there is an audition they added to the mix, or maybe I missed it and thats to see if the pre-work you completed online is inline with you doing the work, my assumptions anyway. I have that audition tomorrow online with an instructor from the software guild. Im feeling good about it. The actual JAVA co-hort starts Febuary 6th, 2017. Im still thinking of creative ways to raise the remaining $2,000; currently you are not able to get a federal loan which for me is not the best avenue anyway. Looking for sponsors for the final $2,000.
Im getting on that today, will update later on the path and progress of getting sponsors. Be Well eej